25 04, 2016

The Time – What Time Is It

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Now that Prince has passed, a thought occurred to me. Perhaps The Time has won the eternal struggle to be the coolest cool thing in Minneapolis in the Purple Rain movie-universe. Really, I’ve always thought of them as an adversary to my man The Kid. In my mind I know that isn’t the case, […]

25 04, 2016

David Castillo’s Cassette Tape Artistry

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David Castillo knows a thing or two about cassette tapes. That’s why he’s embraced the tape as a musician – nothing is quite as easy or cool as slinging cassettes. He’s been through two monikers and a few hometowns, started his own label (which puts out tapes), and just about lives on the road. […]

27 01, 2015

Jim Steinman: A Love Letter

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Ah, Jim Steinman. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent, driving around in my Dad’s convertible as a teenager, listening to Steinman’s music. It’s the epitome of the big, brash eighties sound, with choirs, ten-minute run times, and histrionic lyrics that take on the entire universe and win. Jim Steinman is the man behind […]

27 01, 2015

The Sexiest Music of the Seventies

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There are some songs that simply bring one thing to mind, and one thing only- and that’s sex. Yup, we need to talk about sex music, and specifically seventies sex music. The seventies, with it’s pounding beats and synthy electronica, defined a generation of sexy sounds. But what are the most perfect sex songs […]

18 01, 2015

SHA NA NA, “The Golden Age of Rock’n’Roll” (1973)

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An unlikely million-dollar seller, this glee-club on steroids found themselves holding gold records for this tape. With 29 tracks, it’s considered the great-grand-daddy of oldies cassettes. “Golden Age”, as fans have shortened the name to, comes on the heels of “The Night Is Still Young”, which was a collection of (mostly) original tracks written […]

2 03, 2014

A Bit About The Site – Video Ad 1

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28 01, 2014

Pixies: Bossanova (1990)

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I remember the first time I ever heard of the Pixies. My best friend, and would-be band mate had we ever managed to practice together, had been reading Kurt Cobain’s journal, and apparently Kurt Cobain had mentioned them as one of his influences. At the record store with the very same friend, he pointed […]

24 01, 2014

Depeche Mode – Speak&Spell (1981)

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This is the Depeche mode’s debut. But, this cassette also announced the great popularity that synth pop will gain during this decade. Use of synthetic sounds and synthesizers was not new at the beginning of the eighties, but the way in which they were used definitely was. During the seventies, this instrument slowly gained […]

9 02, 2013

Stevie Nicks: Wild Heart (1983)

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After writing about Bella Donna, I thought it only fair, and imperative that I follow-up with The Wild Heart, Stevie Nicks’ second solo cassette.  Released in 1983, The Wild Heart takes us on a journey much different than Bella Donna.  For Stevie, Bella Donna was about separating herself from the comfort of Fleetwood Mac.  […]

1 01, 2013

Jesus and Mary Chain: Automatic (1989)

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It’s hard to be in a band with your brother – just ask John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. But music that comes out of antagonistic environments is often beautiful and groundbreaking – just ask anyone who has heard Scotland’s first indie band, Jesus and Mary Chain. Fighting between Jim and William Reid plagued […]

28 12, 2012

Metallica: Load and Reload (1996-97)

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I jumped out my poster covered bedroom. I turned back quickly, because I had to call my friend to meet me at our favorite cassette store called Offbeat. As I ran to the store, I saw him from a distance. I could see from his sweaty face that he had been running just as […]

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