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23 12, 2013

Worst Tapes of the 1970s

By |December 23rd, 2013|All, The 70s, Worst Ever|1 Comment|

We have talked about all the innovative, incredible, great music that came to be in the 1970’s, but what about the bad stuff, you know…that song you heard every time you turned the radio on. The one that would run on a continuous loop in your head for days. Pop music and disco songs […]

19 09, 2013

Chris deBurgh: Into the Light (1986)

By |September 19th, 2013|1986, All, Pop, Worst Ever|2 Comments|

Into the light? Into the darkness more like. (See what I did there?) Into the depths of Dante’s seventh circle of hell. Into the kind of black darkness where you can’t tell when your eyes are open, and you’re six years old and there are definitely darkness monsters in your closet, and outside your […]

20 08, 2013

Jesus and Mary Chain: Psycho Candy (1985)

By |August 20th, 2013|1985, All, Alternative, The 80s, Worst Ever|3 Comments|

Right, this feature is going to begin with a number of disclaimers, because I anticipate this cassette being a controversial choice for the ‘Worst Ever’ section.

1. THIS IS MY OWN OPINION AND NO ONE ELSE’S. I do not claim to have direct and unique access to truth, so I am not claiming objectivity here.

2. […]

11 06, 2013

Duran Duran: Rio (1982)

By |June 11th, 2013|1982, guilty pleasures, Pop, The 80s, Worst Ever|2 Comments|

In many respects, the 1980s were a golden age for music and its production. This was the decade that brought the world post-punk, new wave, new romanticism and gave birth to grunge. On the other hand, the 80s also gave the world hair metal, MC Hammer and some of the most insipid, vacuous and […]

19 05, 2013

Adam and the Ants: Prince Charming (1981)

By |May 19th, 2013|1981, Pop, The 80s, Worst Ever|1 Comment|

Right, first things first. I love Adam & The Ants. ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ is a work of unparalleled genius. ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’, while certainly not unparalleled, in parts, possesses a certain kind of genius. ‘Prince Charming’, though, ‘Prince ‘Charming’ is just one big Liberace mess. ‘Prince Charming’ is the sonic equivalent […]

24 04, 2013
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    Loggins & Messina: The Best of Friends (the worst of evers – 1972)

Loggins & Messina: The Best of Friends (the worst of evers – 1972)

By |April 24th, 2013|1972, Pop, The 70s, Worst Ever|1 Comment|

I was in seventh or eighth grade the first time a boy gave me a mix tape. His name was Ryan, and he had perfect almond skin and a little flop of hair over his right eye that made me week in the knees, and I had been nursing a little crush on him […]

29 01, 2013

Huey Lewis and The News: Fore! (1986)

By |January 29th, 2013|1986, All, Rock, The 80s, Worst Ever|6 Comments|

Fore is an energetic but empty assemblage of musical and lyrical clichés and tattered tropes. Its 37 minutes feel like two hours at minimum. Track after track unfolds, relentlessly refusing to offer any variety in tone, mood, feel, arrangement or delivery. The unfortunate exception to this monoculture is the curious inclusion of “Naturally”, an […]

1 01, 2013

Styx: Kilroy Was Here (1983)

By |January 1st, 2013|1983, Concept Cassettes, guilty pleasures, Lyric Sheet, Pop, The 80s, Worst Ever|2 Comments|

Short Review: At the time this cassette came out, I remember a friend saying  “you don’t do a song or a tape about a robot”.  In this case, he was absolutely right.

Long Review: Did you ever go to see improv comedy or maybe watch the show in the UK or US called “whose line […]

22 11, 2012

Worst Ever Nominee: Starship – Knee Deep In the Hoopla

By |November 22nd, 2012|Pop, Worst Ever|3 Comments|

This isn’t a controversial choice.

Rolling Stone readers voted “we built this city” as the worst song of the 80s.  Blender magazine (no I don’t remember them either) ranked it as the worst song ever or something like that.  Everyone hates this song.  Why, because it sucks and it embodies everything that’s was wrong with […]

18 11, 2012

Worst Ever Nominees: Rod Stewart – Blondes Have More Fun

By |November 18th, 2012|Disco, Worst Ever|4 Comments|

Ok, this particular 1978 cassette is 2 years before our official start of the cassette era (1980 is what we, at the time of this writing say), but its stench and that of its artist lasted well into the 1980s.

I want to say that while the modern musical press has said the rumours about this […]

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