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25 04, 2016

David Castillo’s Cassette Tape Artistry

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David Castillo knows a thing or two about cassette tapes. That’s why he’s embraced the tape as a musician – nothing is quite as easy or cool as slinging cassettes. He’s been through two monikers and a few hometowns, started his own label (which puts out tapes), and just about lives on the road. […]

2 12, 2013
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    Harley Poe – B-Sides from the Basement (Horror Folk Punk on Limited Edition Cassette)

Harley Poe – B-Sides from the Basement (Horror Folk Punk on Limited Edition Cassette)

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Harley Poe is a Kokomo, Indiana, band known for their heavy use of horror themes, acoustic driven punk folk, and extremely touches subject matter. While they’re not a chart topper, Joe Whitesford and friends have been at it for a long time in several different guises. Let’s just discuss the history for the band […]

29 11, 2013

Jake Bellows (of Neva Dinova) Still Loves Cassettes

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The vinyl resurgence wasn’t that impressive. What with all the hipsters running around buying up old vinyl and the plethora of collectors that lived through the era of LPs on a record player, it only makes sense that artists would bring out some limited run vinyl. But you see it less often where modern […]

13 03, 2013

Radiohead: OK Computer (1997)

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Radiohead was my favorite cassette tape band. The first album I heard was also their first album, Pablo Honey. Although, at the time, Radiohead didn’t strike me as a band who wanted to make anything more than mediocre rock. While Pablo Honey has a few really strong songs that are baby steps towards what […]

11 03, 2013

Nobunny – Love Visions (2008)

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Nobunny may not immediately come to mind when you picture the modern state punk music. I mean, come on, it’s a dude in underwear and a disgusting old bunny mask.  Often times there is glitter involved, too. But nobody works harder to entertain the kids than Nobunny – who usually leaves the stage with […]

22 02, 2013

King Tuff – Was Dead (2008)

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Was Dead by King Tuff is a milestone in the new wave of rock and roll that is focused on perfect pop songs and lo-fi production. The album runs the gamut from teenage desperation to sweet love songs – but never varies in quality. And even though this album came out in 2008, most […]

2 02, 2013

The (Possibly) Most Cassette-Worthy Bands of 2013

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Another year brings with it yet more buzz bands: The type whose name you hear once and then never again. Not even one big single- they just drift off into some black hole of discarded Kajagoogoo and Luscious Jackson memories. However, the last thing Pandora let out of her box was hope and that’s […]

27 01, 2013

The Thievery Corporation: Cosmic Game (2005)

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Thievery Corporation has a unique sound that leaves the listener in a relaxed state. The first time I experienced, their sound, was in Bangkok. After 24 hours traveling across the Pacific, my senses pasted the point of exhaustion. Outside on the streets, the golden lights, local people, and Bangkok street sounds mixed in and […]

27 01, 2013

Matt & Kim

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It was 2004 when Brooklyn-based duo Matt & Kim was accidentally born. What began as a musically-inclined mutual desire between two art students has unfolded over nine years into countless indie-dance notes, four cassette-worthy releases, several singles and an energetic live show that has drawn thousands upon thousands. Whether you discovered Matt Johnson and […]

15 11, 2012


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Radiohead.  Modern, but they are one of our cassette-worthy bands of today.  Why?

You can listen to almost all of their recordings straight-through.  You don’t want to be fast forwarding a lot.  A good cassette is one where almost every song is listenable.
Following on point one, each of their cassettes feels like a coherent peice.  […]

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