12651088_1026232857399759_7986593598126487466_nDavid Castillo knows a thing or two about cassette tapes. That’s why he’s embraced the tape as a musician – nothing is quite as easy or cool as slinging cassettes. He’s been through two monikers and a few hometowns, started his own label (which puts out tapes), and just about lives on the road. He spends his time creating music and art (drawings in crayon and colored pencil featuring millions of pop icons) – both mediums offer Castillo a chance to share complex themes in simple, sometimes stark, ways. His creations are easy to understand, no matter what language you speak, and that’s part of the appeal. As part of the Burger Records family as both Pizza Time and Panaderia, he’s one of the many new artists embracing the cassette tape as a way to get music into the world.

Pizza Time’s first cassette was “Quiero Mas,” is a lo-fi collection of poppy rock songs in Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry – the tunes are immediately listenable whether or not you’ve got a full understanding of their meaning. Just trust me, they all fall along the lines of love songs, hate songs, missing you songs, and everything you’d expect from a young garage rock enthusiast. Some down-tempo, some with excellent whistling, some sound like what you’d hear from a man rambling down the road to who knows where. And all with a penchant for catchiness. If you don’t have a tape player (and the Quiero Mas tape, since it’s sold out) you can take a listen to the full album on YouTube.

Of course, if you are a tape enthusiast musician, you can’t just put out one (they’re relatively

Panaderia's natural habitat

Panaderia’s natural habitat

cheap to make and en vogue to release, so why stop at one). There’s a second Pizza Time album on cassette from Burger Records. Like it’s predecessor, “U Wanna Pizza Me” is currently sold out on cassette. But boy, if you have a copy, it’s a glorious background to driving around town looking for trouble. Poppy, cute, and filled with songs that would make Wreckless Eric proud, “U Wanna Pizza Me” is a Spanglish dream tape.
Now, if you’re feeling bummed that you can’t get your mitts on a Pizza Time tape, don’t be sad. There’s still hope. Pizza Time has a cassette waiting to join your collection from Burger Records: “Todo.” And Castillo’s new project, Panaderia, just debuted “Buena Onda” – a tape that’s itching to assault your ears.