the smiths ranks So far we reviewed and ranked 64 of the Smith’s songs.  Now we use that information to assess their cassettes. So, what did the math tell us?

  • Not surprisingly, “Strangeways, here we come” is their worst offering.  It has the lowest average at 6.6 but perhaps even more telling, only 20% of its songs received an 8 or higher.  What great tape isn’t at least 33% very good if not 5%+?  Not many, and certainly not this one.  It has a low standard deviation, but I think that’s indicative of consistent mediocrity.
  • Not surprisingly, the Queen is Dead, is definitively their best.  It has highest average at 8.5, ties Meat is Murder and Louder for highest median at 8, has some of their best songs, and has a respectable 60% of its songs rated 8+.  It includes what we rated to be the Smiths 2 top songs, There is a Light and Bigmouth Strikes again.  So both their best songs on what cassette.  That’s a big deal
  • So what is their second best cassette?  We narrowly gave it to Meat is Murder over Louder Than Bombs, partially because the latter is a compilation vs. the former which is more of a true original release.  Both  had a median of 8, Louder has a fantastic 75% of its songs at 8+, vs. 60% for Meat is Murder, but due to some top tracks including How Soon Is Now?, it has the higher average.  And while Meat is Murder does have the higher standard deviation, it’s worst rated song of 5 matches the worst rated song on Louder Than Bombs.  Though a point could be made for the fact that 1/2 of the Smiths’ total 8+ rated songs are on Louder than Bombs.

You may disagree with us, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.  But if you do disagree with us YOU”RE WRONG and we have the numbers to back us up!


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