Matchbox Twenty or Matchbox 20, no matter how you spell the name broke out on the scene in 1996 with maybe their greatest musical accomplishment. The cassette Yourself or Someone Like You which sent the group into a different musical hemisphere. The band was on its way to stardom. The rocket the band road to the stars was manufactured by the feel good hook phrases used throughout the cassette that makes this an effort worth writing about many years later.

Out of the cassette, Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox Twenty produced all time favorites like Real World and Back 2 Good with Rob Thomas putting his signature touch on the vocals in a way that makes Thomas’s voice something to remember. The cassette is a mixture of emotional songs that rely on the subjects of loneliness, humiliation, alcoholism, anger, depression and psychological abuse.

With unheralded but very polished songs like Argue, Busted and Tired, a true musical person could see that the lyrics and Thomas’s voice were mixed together to form a truly beautiful cassette. All of these songs touched on some form of raw emotion that many times tilts our minds in the wrong direction. Even though other songs received superior reviews, Shame is a song that almost everyone in the world can understand given the simplicity of the lyrics and the way the song plays out.

Push is a perfect example of psychological abuse and humiliation that delivers the listener to a place and time they may remember or not want to remember. Thomas’s voice is powerful in Push and the thematic hook grabs at your mind and doesn’t let go. Push was a center of piece of the album but the true gut wrenching song is 3 A.M. with its raw emotions of loneliness, alcoholism and self-doubt. What an absolutely beautiful arrangement of words and music. Thomas takes over while striking the keys of his piano, while crying words of hope throughout the song. Many people can relate to the lyrics in this song for many reasons whether it is because of an old love, an old friend and even a parent.

The song 3 A.M. was worth buying this cassette for and what you got along with 3 A.M. was a fresh band that was ready to conquer to world of rock and roll. The shear emotional ties that you feel in Thomas’s voice during the song can just leave a person speechless. The melody, the perfect situation of not caring or caring, the thought of self-reliance and self detriment all rolled into four minutes of bliss.

After the release of Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox Twenty was not going to stop with just their first cassette. Releasing four more successful albums, Matchbox Twenty solidified its place in many psycho-therapists’ hearts with explaining the simple emotions that can rock a persons psyche on an everyday basis and that music can save our savage soul from ourselves.