What a gem of a year 1983 was for me and the music I still love some 30 years later. Most people know by now that 1983 was the year U2 released their cassette War and even more have probably have seen the U2 video “Under a Blood Red Sky” shot at Red Rocks Amphitheater in June of 1983. What a happening for the music scene in Denver, Colorado and nation wide. The cassette and the show will last in my memory, even if I get Alzheimer Disease years from now. That is what a strong influence U2 and the cassette War had on me during those years of wishing you could be old and have everything!

Side one of the cassette War that was produced by Island Records included such songs as “40”, Surrender and Two Hearts Beat as One. But the most impressive fact is that these songs are only a partial list of songs on Side B.

The cassette of U2 War held a treasure chest of future classics on Side A with such monsters as Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year’s Day and the unheralded but ultra real cut of The Refugee. All of these songs played right into the historical and current struggles of people around the world that seek a free life from the corruption and everyday politics of government.

War is much more than a collection of songs written in support and for the Irish Republic Army or for that matter against the United Kingdom; War is an anthem to all people that have fought a good fight for freedom from the puppet master governments of our society.

This last statement is brought out full bore by Bono on Sunday Bloody Sunday which outlines the historical events of Easter Sunday in Belfast during 1972 where 26 people were shot by the British Army. The unadulterated feelings of Bono and Edge are unmatched in their recording and performance of this song. The emotional feelings that are felt by Bono’s vocals and Edge’s guitar scream for a new beginning of freedom in Poland as the group brought into play the struggles of the Solidarity Movement in Poland into New Year’s Eve. The plea for a new beginning of life that can change the desperate feelings of many people can be felt throughout this song. War was also a defining moment for the bad. Never before had they created so many top 100 hits on a single cassette.
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U2 the band, on that faithful evening, June 5th 1983 at Red Rocks had defied all odds of rain and Mother Nature. Although the band members claim that climate had nothing to with filming the show; the rain, the clouds, the climate must have made all the members from Bono and Clayton to Edge and Mullen’s to feel like they were playing a backyard gig in Ireland during the summer. The cassette and the show will live in mind forever and I hope one day to see them live again!!!