People either like Michael Jackson or they don’t. Maybe they don’t like him because of his past legal problems or his music was not just them. But Michael’s cassette Thriller was an absolute killer for dancing rhythms. We all have seen the original zombie video of the single Thriller and we can see today the influence the video has on cinema and choreography of other artists.

Released in 1982 by Epic Records, Thriller goes beyond just being an epic cassette. The heavy dance beat through out the cassette is never more obvious than on Billie Jean. Jackson simply had transformed himself into the black man’s version of Elvis Presley. Michael could lift your spirits with the sound of his harmonic voice that never lost its original sound, even with the heavy tour schedule he played. Jackson was still only 23 years old when Thriller was released and with seven singles hitting Billboards Top 100 and winning the Grammy for Best Album of the Year in 1984.

Jackson never pre wrote these songs, instead choosing to use dictate into recording device and then during recording sessions, Michael would sing from memory. Very much like the early days of Elvis Presley with impromptu feelings and gyrations in the studio. This is apparent in his song Wanna Be Startin’ Something when you can imagine Michael dancing in the studio while he is dreaming of a new sexual encounter.

Beat It was strong and offered an insight to the world of violence on the streets and stressed a anti-gang message. But even though we are listening to the music on cassette, we can see him gracefully move across the stage during live performances. But Beat It was a tribute to the famed West Side Story that is also apparent in the clothing wore while shooting the video.

You find a more interesting pairing for a song when Paul McCartney joins Michael on The Girl Is Mine. But Producer Quincy Jones comes out the studio with something that will last forever in many minds. This song also has been tried in court for plagiarism twice, with both verdicts supporting Jackson with no legal action taken.

The single Thriller is the center piece with Vincent Price’s voice through out the song releasing immortal words that only the best zombies of today can understand. Later the single Thriller would be adapted for the movie American Werewolf in London. Interesting enough there is probably not a school marching band in the USA that does not have Thriller in their repertoire.

Michael Jackson was a talented artist that might have just been abused by the industry. Many greats die too young. You can think about Michael Jackson, what you want to think. But the fact still remains that the, Thriller was and still is the best selling album of ALL TIME. Now let us do a little moon walking or some fancy feet shuffles before we are too old to remember how to dance!!!