What makes a great cassette?

  • Great Band? – check
  • Really cool cover? – check
  • Bonus tracks? – check
  • Lyric Sheet? – nobody’s perfect
  • Even more bonus tracks? – check
  • TWO songs w/Train in the title? – check?
  • 13 great songs in a row? – Check and Mate!

Note: This is the spotify link, but they have the CD only, so they’re missing many of the b sides. If you don’t have this on one cassette, get it.


Ok, you think I should start at the beginning, with Killing on an Arab.

I started writing this yesterday, or maybe the day before, the telegram didn’t say.

But no, part of the pleasure of this cassette is/was the B-sides.

They include some great brooding tracks, another journey by train is a prime example but there are many good tracks and part of what makes this a great cassette is that they are unique to the cassette edition.  I.E. they were B-sides to singles so they were released elsewhere but they didn’t show up on the CD of this, so the cassette was definiitely the way to go with this one.


































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